Worlds ISU 2024

As part of the prestigious ISU World Figure Skating Championships Montreal 2024, eminent designer Josiane Lamond of Lamond Signature was presented with a most inspiring project: to design the costumes for the opening number as well as for the flower sweepers, adding a touch of grace and originality to this eagerly-awaited global event.

This fashion and haute couture project is part of a vision to celebrate elegance and innovation, reflecting both the competitive spirit and artistic beauty that characterize figure skating. Josiane Lamond, renowned for her exceptional talent and ability to capture the essence of each performance through her unique creations, was chosen for her ability to transcend expectations and elevate the aesthetics of the event to new heights.

For the opening number, Lamond Signature was entrusted with the mission of creating costumes that embody the brilliance and grandeur of this special occasion. Combining high-quality materials, elegant cuts and subtle details, the costumes designed by Josiane Lamond will be a true ode to the beauty of movement and the magic of ice. They will highlight the fluidity and grace of the skaters, while capturing the public's imagination from the very first moments of the competition.

As for the flower sweepers, those discreet but important figures of the event, they won't be outdone. Lamond Signature has reserved for them outfits that are both functional and aesthetically striking. Designed to offer comfort and freedom of movement while adding a touch of sophistication to their role, these creations reflect Josiane Lamond's commitment to enhancing every aspect of the event.

In accepting this inspiring project, Josiane Lamond pledges to honor the art of figure skating and help make these World Championships a truly memorable event. Her passion for the art of couture and her undeniable talent for creating timeless pieces make her the ideal choice to bring this unique and enchanting vision to life.

"Our costumes aren’t just costumes. They’re an extension of you, of your story, of your talent, of your passion, and of your power."

Josiane Lamond


"When designer Josiane Lamond contacted me to develop a concept for the soundtrack of the brand new promotional video for Lamond Signature, the stars aligned. This fortunate coincidence happened at the same moment as the official release of composer Karl Hugo's new single, my creative partner for nearly 30 years. "Twinkling Stars of Hope" was composed and performed by Karl Hugo, inspired by the vision of Yuzuru Hanyu, multiple Olympic and World champion, David Wilson, World and Olympic-level choreographer and Sk8mix for the masterful Notte Stellata show in Japan. It's a magnificent piece, filled with light, mirroring LAMOND SIGNATURE's creations. The perfect symbiosis between music and costume design. A sparkling project that highlights Quebec talent in the world of figure skating."


Hugo Chouinard, Musical Designer

To enable audiences around the world to soak up the enchanting atmosphere of "Twinkling Stars of Hope", this original composition by Karl Hugo is now available on Spotify. 

Thanks to Hugo Chouinard, Karl Hugo and Sk8mix Pro for their invaluable musical collaboration.